Robert Ziegler 

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Virginia. My main interests are in history of philosophy and philosophy of science—particularly where the two intersect. My dissertation is on the role of final causation on Leibniz's philosophy of physics, particularly what I call immanent final causation, or explanation from the intrinsic ends of things. 

Outside of Leibniz, I also have a significant interest in the philosophy of Lady Mary Shepherd. I am currently working on two projects: one, which is out under review, is with Travis Tanner, and is about her theory of natural kinds and induction. The other is about her philosophy of math. Otherwise, as a general principle, if someone's called it philosophy, I probably think it's cool.

I have the fortune of having a last name that begins with "Z," so if you ever have trouble finding me in a list, the end is usually the best place to look. If you need to contact me and it isn't related to my position in a list, my email address is

Lastly, if you're looking for a different Robert Ziegler who does work in early modern philosophy and metaphysics, you may want to look here.